Celebrating 50 years of The Buttery

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To Their Door

In Paul Kelly's iconic song To Her Door he tells the story of a man in the throes of addiction who finds The Buttery, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service in Northern NSW where he finds hope and a way back to the family he lost: To Her Door. The Buttery has been changing lives and restoring hope for 50 years this year, to mark this occasion and to give voice to the quiet and restorative work they do. To Their Door tells the story of the Buttery - the people and the place. From its inception in 1973 in parallel with The Aquarius Festival as a Christian drop-in centre, to an independently run non for profit Thereupeutic Community, the process established all those years ago in a disused NORCO Butter depot works. Where an alchemist turns base matter to gold, the Buttery finds the gold by getting to the base of the matter. Over 6 episodes, Podcasters George Catsi and Mandy Nolan take the listener on the Buttery journey of addiction, recovery and hope - quite literally To Their Door.



Authentic You: George Catsi & Mandy Nolan

Podcasters and content creators George Catsi and Mandy Nolan run Authentic You Media & Training - a collab that harnesses the philosophy that the best stories are told when people lean into the deep values and reflections that live in their personal narratives.
Passionate about the power of unheard or marginalised stories and their capacity to create momentum, George  Catsi is a performer and academic who did his PhD on Persuasive Performance focused on the charismatic power of Evangelists. A committed place maker, George's leadership as President of the Petersham Bowlo, reclaiming it as a pokie-free community space, has seen the story feature on every national media and be presented Internationally at the Liveable Cities Conference in New York this year. Mandy Nolan met her first husband and father of her 2 daughters in between his visits to the Buttery. She is a deeply embedded in the local community, a stand-up comedian, writer and social justice advocate whose jokes where she lives are as common as surfspeak. As the Greens Candidate for the region, she came close to winning the Federal seat in the last election in her bid to transition from MC to MP. Together, these old friends seek out and elevate stories of insight, redemption and transformative change.


Thursday Sep 14, 2023

In this final episode, we chat with The Buttery’s current CEO, Leone Crayden, to look at what's happening for the Buttery now and hear the vision for the future.  We also catch up with Matt as he is about to leave The Buttery, then one month later. To conclude our series, we have a very special rendition of our theme song, To Her Door, by The Buttery choir. 

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

In this episode, we meet current resident Ryan and we chat with David Dalton who is the program coordinator for The Buttery's maintenance to abstinence program - 26 years ago, he was a resident.

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

In this episode, we meet former residents Rhett, Caitlin and John who reflect on what The Buttery was like when they went through and what it means to them.  Finally Roy Dennett who worked The Buttery for over 40 years shares an anecdote.

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

In this episode, we meet current resident Matt who we follow his Buttery experience over time across several episodes. We hear from Amanda and Debbie in intake who answer the weekly phone calls from people trying to get into the residential program. We also chat with former CEO and executive director Barry Evans. Barry was a leader at the Buttery for 31 years.

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

In this episode, we meet current resident Moana plus Michael and Darren at the Buttery car wash.  Musician Rick Grossman talks to us about his experiences in The Buttery in the late 1980's.

Sunday Sep 10, 2023

In this episode, we go back to the begin about and hear about the origin of The Buttery.  We spoke to the first chair of the board Dr Ross Lehrman plus Bob Tissott and Paul Mallum, who framed what was going on in 1973. We also meet Kyra a current resident.

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